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Putting your people first at critical times, such as career transition and outplacement, says a lot about you to the people who are affected, those who remain, your customers and the public. Ultimately this directly impacts your Brand and reputation – not only in the commercial market but also when it comes to attracting the best talent in an increasingly competitive job market.

Being there when it really counts for your people at critical times is a great way for you to have a positive impact on these key stakeholders.

Our approach helps organisations to:

  • Achieve the outcomes of your change, restructure or transformation programmes
  • Enhance the retention, productivity and engagement of remaining people
  • Maintain a positive public image
  • Reduce the stresses and workload of both your Line and HR Managers
  • Mitigate potential liability risks

Most importantly our approach will make sure your people:

  • Receive the best possible support now and in the future
  • Feel supported during the transition so they can focus positively on their future careers
  • Have expert support and direction to help them meet the demands of an increasingly complex and fast paced job market
  • Find and secure the opportunity they want, quickly and effectively
  • Genuinely be able to “reimagine their future”

We also provide organisations with these critical support mechanisms:

✓ Play a key role in assisting you achieve the overall outcomes of your change, restructure or transformation programmes.

✓ Planning Support to help you ensure that your Career Transition and Outplacement Programme is set up to succeed

✓ Training for your Managers to deliver the right message to affected people, ensuring a positive start to the process

✓ On-site Post Notification Meetings with affected individuals to provide them with independent intervention to help them move forward in a positive manner

✓ Internal redeployment support for individuals applying for roles within your organisation 

✓ Regular and transparent feedback throughout each Candidates programme – you will never feel left out of the process

✜  All Candidates receive our Exclusive Top 1% Insights to keep them ahead of the game!

Career Transition and Outplacement Support

Career Relaunch Programmes

Our Career Relaunch Programmes are structured around your needs and based on making your decisions to support your people as simple as possible.

They are suited to all budgets and are easy to implement regardless of assignment complexity.

Our programmes are delivered by business leadership professionals with a “people first” approach.

All programmes link the Candidate to a Career Supporter who will stay with them during, and often beyond, their Programme – a personalised 1-to-1 approach every time.

Our programmes are process based with the flexibility to be driven by the needs of each individual.

Our innovative partnership approach means every candidate has access to our 360° solutions offer including Career Profiling, Well Being, Financial Planning and Career Tracking support.


A highly effective and cost-effective solution to providing the best possible job search support to the individual. Delivered with a mix of face to face, audio and audio-visual contact to suit individual needs.
Usually conducted over a 1-month period.


Programmes designed for key people within organisations who will benefit from a more comprehensive approach to their job search. Delivered predominantly in individual meetings, but with the flexibility to use audio and audio-visual to ensure support is available when needed at short notice.
Usually conducted over a 2 to 3-month period.


Programmes designed for the more complex needs faced by Managers and Executives. These programmes provide the greater depth appropriate for these individuals to determine their career future. Delivered predominantly in 1:1 meetings, with the flexibility to use audio and audio-visual to ensure support is available when needed at short notice. Usually conducted over a 3 to 6-month time frame.

Customised Programmes

We understand that you may need to adopt different approaches to suit different circumstances that meet both your needs and those of your people.

Our flexible approach allows us to work with you to develop a customised solution.

We will meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner and develop programmes that will deliver the best outcomes for you and your people.

Career Workshops and Clinics

Group Workshops are another solution that support your people when it really counts. Available as half-day, full day or 2-day sessions, Group Workshops are a very effective way of making Career Transition and Outplacement Support accessible where you have time, budget and/or scale considerations.

Sessions cover a range of key areas such Job Targets, Identifying Strengths and Achievements, CVs and Applications, Effective Job Searching and Interview Techniques and can be customised to meet the needs of you and your people.

You can add value to the benefits of these workshops by promoting personalised follow up Clinics with a Consultant. These further develop their job search programme and can be run as al 1 to1 session or by audio and/or audio-visual contact.

Leadership and Career Development Support

Career Lift Off Programmes

Today’s leading organisations have recognised that developing their existing talent is more important than ever in our rapidly changing world. Our expertise and our team’s extensive business leadership backgrounds provides us with a unique ability to make a real difference to the internal development of your people, in particular your leaders and future leaders.

Our Career Lift Off Programmes provide a range of approaches which we can customise to meet your needs, timeframes and budgets.

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