Our Values

In keeping with our “less is more” approach, we can sum up our drivers in a few simple phrases:

“Doing good things with good people” 

“Supporting individuals to reimagine their future and do things they didn’t expect”

“Making career transition and development and outplacement support more accessible”

“Supporting individuals to gain the quiet confidence, clarity and purpose they need to take control of their career future”

Our Drivers

Make it personal and high impact
We create flexible frameworks of support that are quick to implement, easy to communicate and, most importantly, give individuals the impact to gain control of their career future. With one Career Supporter throughout their journey, individuals can access the best, highly responsive support when it really counts. We dig deeper into unlocking each individual’s true value, building their self-confidence, clarity and purpose together with the ability to articulate their career story to achieve their goals.

Success driven
We are focussed on delivering positive results, for the individuals we support and the organisations we work with. We support individuals to develop and attain their career goals as quickly and effectively as possible, with the best possible mindset. These results are measurable and we provide regular feedback to both individuals and organisations.

Future focussed
We are always looking for ways to keep our individual candidates and client organisations ahead of the game. We are always learning from our clients, candidates and the market to so we can develop best and emergent practices to ensure that candidates and clients receive the very best possible support – now and in the future. Our partnership using the MirrorWave longitudinal relationship following approach plays a key role here.

More, for less
We work smarter every day to provide highly effective support for individuals while still delivering exceptional value for organisations. Our fresh approach and partnership programme enable us to continually enhance the depth and quality of support provided to individuals in a cost-effective manner which increases accessibility – helping organisations support more people, better, for longer, for less.